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The grunting of a hippo and the shrill call of a fish eagle? the unmistakable sound track of wild Africa floats across the Zambezi River as it flows languidly towards the smoky, rainbow-streaked spray churned up by the Victoria Falls downstream. Everything in Zambia seems raw and larger than life ? the 2-km wide Zambezi thunders more than 100 m into a plunging, walled ravine to morph into the majestic Victoria Falls. The South Luangwa National Park, with its vast plains, ebony groves and undulating valleys, is one of the best places for a walking safari; the Lower Zambezi National Park unfurls over 4,200 sq km along the Zambezi River?s western bank; while the Kafue National Park is no pushover when it comes to statistics, either. At 22,500 sq km, it is the largest park in Zambia and bristles with wildlife. The Liuwa Plain National Park near the Angolan border is another parcel of wilderness while Lake Kariba, rimmed in the distance by peaks that fall in Zimbabwe, is a vast mirror-like expanse of water… And there?s much, much more. Yes, this a land where magical moments happen, unexpectedly, like falling stars: buzz the falls in a helicopter or a micro-light aircraft; savour close encounters with hippos and crocodiles on a boat safari; a picnic on a river island anyone? And, of course, there are unbeatable wildlife safaris? Zambia exudes the freshness of the world when it first awakened… This is where the Livingstone in you will find full expression.

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