Fancy encountering a pride of lions on a trekking safari? Fishing for trout in the foothills of the snow-capped peak of Mt Kenya? Floating over herds of migrating wildebeest in a hot air balloon? Breakfast with a pod of hippos? Or a straightforward wildlife safari? Be it a regular safari or wild adventure, we will show you a side of Kenya that few people have seen.

Welcome to a savage paradise where nature’s never ending story – beautiful even if it is sometimes grim – is played out in dramatic fashion: where events unravel unedited and in spontaneous three-dimensional splendor. Gatecrash the waltz of the flamingos or the savage feast of a lion pride; grunting and groaning (a symphony of gluttony) as they gorge ravenously on a fresh kill. Surprises are the norm in the country’s many game parks where wildlife is as diverse as it is abundant.

Check into deluxe resorts and luxurious tented properties that offer ringside seats to a wildlife parade of zebra, gazelle and buffalo grazing on open grasslands. And drift off to sleep to the strains of a chorus of lions grunting and roaring in the distance.

Top off your Kenyan adventure on the white sand beaches of Mombasa. Yes, here is a tourist-friendly country that lets visitors plug into the primeval beat of nature without having to move out of their comfort zone.

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