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Tanzania, the heart of the African continent, beats with raw energy. The Serengeti which has the largest concentration of wildlife in the world brims with game: elephant, giraffe, zebra, ostrich, hyena, gazelle, jackals, water hogs, buffalo, rhino, hippo, cheetah, and an endless variety of colourful birds…

A game drive in the Serengeti, or for that matter in any of the parks on the country’s northern circuit, is akin to being sucked into a TV set and gate crashing the filming of a National Geographic documentary. However, instead of watching it all unfold on a flat screen after slick editing, you are part of nature’s very real three-dimensional drama as it unravels no more than 20 feet from your safari vehicle.

Each park on this circuit is a unique experience: the sprawling savannas of Serengeti, the Garden of Eden called Ngorongoro Crater and water themed Lake Manyara. And then there is the Olduvai Gorge; a mini Grand Canyon-like scoop of earth which is aptly referred to as the cradle of mankind. It was here that the oldest fossils of our pre-historic ancestors were discovered and anthropologists believe that this is where we evolved from apes to humans.

Nestled in these primeval wilds are luxury lodges and camps designed with creature comforts. Go for it! Get a new perspective on the drama of life and death.

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